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The findings of this study undoubtedly reveal that self-esteem and emotional stability, openness to experience and conscientiousness are important predictors of sign language interpreter competence, reinforcing the findings in the broader scholarly literature in organisational psychology, and supporting recent findings in studies of interpreter aptitude.
For example, if a student lacks sufficient aptitude or emotional stability to cope with the stress of complex and ambiguous interpersonal interactions with role players, motivation cannot make up for these relative deficits and the student will fail.
08) sample); Emotional Stability was not significantly related to customer service in any of the samples during either peak or non-peak times while Openness to Experience was able to contribute to the prediction of customer service during non-peak times in Switzerland and the United Kingdom ([beta]'s = -.
It should not be surprising that in the Judge and Ilies (2002) meta-analysis, emotional stability was the strongest and most consistent correlate of performance motivation.
Companies can screen candidates via personality tests that assess emotional stability and analyze resume information such as work experience and educational history.
Against his better judgment he takes on Kay Runyon as a client because she convinces him that her concern is for the safety and emotional stability of her husband Victor as their marriage unravels--not the sordid details of his affair.
She's a great student, a team leader and she's got that emotional stability as a player where's she's able to let everything go and just focus on the next pitch.
And, most important for emotional stability, as Gamero puts it, "We count as a couple first.
When antidepressants are effective--and researchers are still trying to decipher why they succeed or fail--the medication tends to restore emotional stability, level out extreme mood swings, and increase users' focus on daily tasks.
Griffis III, who--after years of watching single people lose financial security and emotional stability through the courts-tailors his practice towards helping single people be prepared.
Advent is an excursion through scripture meant to give depth and emotional stability to the days for which there are no songs, no tinsel, no flashing lights to distract us from its raw, tart marrow.