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Technavio's report, Electrophotographic Printing Market in Japan 2015-2019, has been prepared based on an in-depth market analysis with inputs from industry experts.
heating (30A) the electrophotographic image and the emboss hologram transferring member at a temperature not lower than a softening temperature of the toner while pressurizing (30A) the emboss hologram transferring member onto the electrophotographic image;
By the analysis of the standard observer method the prints made in electrophotographic printing have low grayness on free surfaces which is caused by the undesirable application of the toner ink.
surface and volume resistivity, charge half-time, and maximum surface voltage, play an important part in electrophotographic printing, at least with coated/uncoated papers.
In this article, we introduce four EHW chips currently being developed as part of MITI's Real-World Computing Project; an analog EHW chip for cellular phones, a neural network EHW chip capable of autonomous reconfiguration, a data compression EHW chip for electrophotographic printers, and an adaptive control EHW chip for use in prosthetic hands and robot navigation.
However, a little background reading on electrophotographic toner formulation will reveal that such technology already exists, with a number of years of successful commercial exploitation to its credit.
Kodak Ektaplus 7008 Extends Electrophotographic Line
There are also two classes of nonimpact printers: Page printers, which are based on laser electrophotographic technology, and ink jet printers.
His responsibilities include Packaging, Functional Printing, Electrophotographic Solutions, Inkjet Printing Solutions, Kodak Service Business, Consumer Inkjet Systems and Design 2 Launch.
In the quarter, PSDs Electrophotographic Printing Solutions (EPS) business placed 14 KODAK NEXPRESS Digital Production Color Press units, and we will continue to focus on improving profitability by driving productivity and cost improvements across the entire EPS portfolio.
While digital inkjet technology made headlines in 2015, the two leaders in toner-based, electrophotographic (EP) digital label printing technology --HP Indigo and Xeikon--continue to innovate.
A growing proportion of printed books in the UK and elsewhere in Europe are being produced by digital processes, yet a further sign of the growing share of inkjet and electrophotographic technologies in the total printing market.