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1. See: Swap.

2. See: Roll forward.


1. See swap.
2. To move funds out of one mutual fund and into another mutual fund. See also telephone switching.
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Through our collaboration with Vitesse, we are developing a new class of equipment - a transparent electrical switch for the metro.
National Laboratory is the super-fast, high-power electrical switch.
electrical switch drives type EEA-5 drives coupled in the main additional tracks located on the railway line.
Recommended applications include homes, apartment buildings, utility buildings, storage bins, vacation and mobile homes, recreational vehicles, buses, electrical switch boxes, hospitals, dormitories, commercial buildings, warehouses, trucks and trailers, freight cars, boats and ships.
Tenders are invited for Supply of electrical Switch Gears for electrical installations in AC-49 Sangam Vihar Constituency.
Tenders are invited for Renovation Of Electrical Switch Room By Providing Aluminium Channel, Tpdb, Cubical Panel Board I/C Replacement Of Defective Wiring/ Submain Of Lift No.

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