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Basket and Van (2008) calibrate the aggregate price elasticity of demand at Wal-Mart to be approximately -3.
Numerous papers have analysed the price elasticity of demand for mobile services.
First, if one makes the DSK approximation, the elasticity of demand e is a constant, and so the price of each variety, p, is fixed.
Since the equation is in log form, -l/[alpha] is the elasticity of demand for labor.
Although BAM offers advantages for various price elasticities of demand, companies cannot choose what price elasticity of demand suits them best and must simply adapt to the market.
Estimates of the price elasticity of demand for individual insurance by families in California who do not have access to group coverage are given in Table 3.
The distortionary effects of an ad valorem tax on wireless services vary inversely with the own-price elasticity of demand for wireless services.
As seen in Christiansen (1994), this makes the maximizing revenue tax rates equal to one over the home country elasticity of demand and one of the neighboring country elasticity of demand as seen in equation 1.
Empirical tests confirm the hypotheses that leverage is positively related to both price elasticity of demand and the level of convertibles outstanding during the years after the collapse of the basing point pricing system.
To describe the sensitivity of consumption to changes in monetary price, economists frequently refer to the price elasticity of demand (2) (i.
In measuring the effect of change in each explanatory variable on the dependent variable of interest, the elasticity of demand and or the price flexibility coefficient were calculated at the mean.
Computation of congestion prices requires estimations of traffic speeds under various conditions, data on vehicle usage, data on the type of vehicles that are used (many HCMC residents use bicycles and motorcycles), estimates of the value of time for commuters, and measures of price elasticity of demand for travel.