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For each RREL granted, respondent banks will be required to provide the following data in the Quarterly Report on Residential Real Estate Loans (RRELs) for RREPI: month of loan granted/booked,location of property, type of property, type of housing unit,appraised value of housing unit per square meter floor area of the housing unit, number of floors, number of bedrooms, effective age of the housing unit,appraised value of lot per square meter,total area of lot, total appraised value of property housing segment,acquisition cost, and name of developer.
Without it, he believes organizations will struggle to achieve an effective age balance in the workforce.
Therefore, at any point in an asset's life it will have a real age and an effective age, with the latter one depending on the to-date maintenance actions.
Under the economic age-life method, depreciation is calculated by multiplying replacement cost of the building and structures by the effective age of the improvements divided by the total economic value of the building and structures.
13, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Wurlitzer is going to produce tobacco vending machines that are equipped with the highly effective age validation system, Ageviewers.
The benefits of such foods do not differ with age but the most effective age is from childhood to 18 years which constitute the growing years.
Neither of the controls constituted an effective age verification system, Ofcom said.
The current facility, landlocked by its residential neighborhood and its 120-year infrastructure, is past its efficient, effective age, officials say.
Going forward, raising the pension age for women from 60 to 65 (and hence the effective age from 62.
In Sweden, Ladbrokes' counterclaim to an action by Svenska Spel, which had described itself as a world leader in responsible gaming and referred to its website having "the most effective age verification", was upheld.
A 40-square-foot increase in living area or a three-year decrease in the effective age of the home added 1 percent to its sale price.
Once again, the vision systems are used prior to age in order to determine the most effective age cycle.