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Existing Space of Newspapers from the angle of Media Ecological Niche.
mangle is able to occupy, at least seasonally, such apparently disparate habitats is not that surprising; a wide ecological niche is typical for rails.
Ecological niche modeling in Maxent: the importance of model complexity and the performance of model selection criteria.
Table 3 summarizes the environmental conditions found in the areas predicted as suitable by the ecological niche models for all 7 variables.
The conditions under which this behavior emerged were (1) entry into an ecological niche dependent on a broad skill and knowledge base; (2) a life history characterized by an extended period of growth and learning; and (3) cooperation-based group living that includes extensive information sharing.
Here the geographical distributions of two Mesobuthus scorpions in China are provided through a combined study of systematic field surveys and GIS-based ecological niche modeling using 227 surveyed point occurrence data across an area of ca.
One theory has it that dogs were never really domesticated; rather, they evolved to exploit a new ecological niche.
Like eastern dogwood varieties, the western version is a species noted for the density of its wood and its ability to fill a sizable ecological niche in Pacific coastal woodlands.
Less well known is the effect that spraying can have on a "sympatric" species that occupies the same ecological niche.
It was hypothesized that salamander species diversity will differ from one forest community to another, suggesting the ecological niche that each species prefers.

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