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Ecological niche model for Nyctinomops macrotis based on the ecological characteristics of the two sites of capture in southern Honduras.
Ecological niche modeling for visceral leishmaniasis in the state of Bahia, Brazil, using genetic algorithm for rule-set prediction and growing degree day-water budget analysis.
This issue aims to consider the advances in both phylogeography and ecological niche modelling.
In other words, the disenfranchised group can gradually improve their ecological niche through interactive communication and adjustment.
Ecological niche modeling as a predictive tool: silver and bighead carps in North America.
We used 2 independent lines of investigation: 1) the genetic characterization of the virus isolates from Sudan (Sudan isolates 1 and 2) and their comparison with previous isolates of MPXV from various regions of Africa by using phylogenetic analysis and 2) the generation of ecological niche models and characterization of ecological factors associated with monkeypox virus transmission on the basis of reported human cases in central and western Africa, including the assessment of environmental suitability for MPXV transmission among the Sudan localities.
Each species has evolved to fit a specific temperature range or ecological niche.
In his account of evolution, Rescher holds that human intelligence itself is the product of evolution: "Humans have evolved within nature to fill the ecological niche of an intelligent being.
Theory predicts that ecological niche evolution should occur slowly over time, because adaptation rates are typically slower than extinction rates under conditions outside the fundamental niche (Gomulkiewicz and Holt, 1995).

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