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Foreign earned income is received from sources within a foreign country attributable to services performed during a period of bona fide residency or physical presence.
As government employees, direct hires and PSC employees are ineligible for the foreign earned income exclusion; see 48 CFR Chapter 7, Appendix D, Direct USAID Contracts With A U.
She earned the Girl Scout Image Award in 2004, presented to a member of Scouting who goes above and beyond the call of duty.
Compound interest, on the other hand, is the interest earned on the principal plus interest that was earned earlier.
He earned his degree in industrial engineering from General Motors Institute.
Tell campers a note will be in their mailboxes at the end of the day on Wednesday, after total scores are tallied, informing them what service they purchased with the points they earned.
If the miles were earned from personal travel paid for by an individual, the free miles awarded represent only a purchase price adjustment, not taxable income.
Eighty-four percent of CFOs employed by companies with annual incentive plans earned awards in 1995.
Slightly over half - 52 percent of the 942 women included in the study - earned to support the family.
In a perfect world, of course, we wouldn't need the Earned Income Tax Credit.
More than 600 schools throughout Michigan earned more than 1,500 computers and printers valued at approximately $2 million.