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The company's revenue comes mainly from book sales, and the e-zines are a major marketing tool.
The primary means of building this positive relationship is to continually deliver great content in your e-zine.
In my class, peer reviews are used for reading comprehensions, and writing assignments and speeches provide e-zine content.
Perhaps consumers indeed experienced the (lifestyle) personalized e-zine as being irrelevant with respect to the company's business.
An e-zine with a slightly-on-the-edge view of culture and politics, Salon offers reviews of books, movies, and TV, as well as columns by regulars such as political consultant James Carville and David Horowitz, the best-selling author of books on the Kennedys, the Rockefellers, and the Fords.
Quarterly online e-zine shines spotlight on athletes and sport-lifestyle
Its companion free weekly e-zine is also available.
March, an avid backpacker and editor of an outdoors e-zine, shares 200 lightweight, taste-tested recipes inspired by foods from around the world, for wilderness gourmets, car campers, and even canines.
Douglas Publications (Richmond, VA) has ceased production of the print edition of "Sales and Marketing Strategies & News," a magazine it acquired from Hughes Communications (Rockford, IL) in 2002, and has replaced it with an e-zine of the same name.
CPA/ABVs can click on the link at the end of the story for a free subscription to the site's e-zine Course and Direction.
Why it's a Mistake: "It's surprising how often people add the checks to the balance instead of subtracting them," says the Tax Mama, Eva Rosenberg, who publishes a weekly e-zine at www.
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