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E-comm overload is the user's perception of the number of unresolved tasks in their electronic inboxes.
Many people are compounding the frustration of e-comm overload by leaving duplicate voicemail messages on both office and cell phones, plus text and IM.
The first step in addressing an organization's e-comm overload is to analyze and categorize what it is, where it is coming from and going to, and what value each category really provides.
Linking the lost productivity associated with e-comm abuse should easily justify making this kind of training an investment with a return, rather than a cost.
E-Vegas has been in discussions with a number of parties interested in the opportunities that the Global E-Comm S.
Economy, announced today at Retail Systems 2000, running April 17-19, the release and rollout of the Apropos E-Comm suite of products, available for demonstration at the Informix booth, No.
As a result, early adopters of Apropos E-Comm converted their Web sites into the Apropos suite in approximately three days.
Like all Apropos products, Apropos E-Comm is powered by Informix's software infrastructure solutions for the Internet.
Apropos E-Comm fulfills a critical industry need for a fully integrated solution that handles all customer transactions - in store, via phone or mail order, and now E-commerce via the Internet.
Network World's E-comm Innovator of the Year Award honors a company that approaches business-to-business e-commerce with a carefully constructed business plan, intimate knowledge of the target customer base, and strong technology underpinnings.
For that it's earned our second annual E-comm Innovator Award.