durable good

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Durable Merchandise

Consumer products designed and intended to last longer than three years. Some examples of durable merchandise, such as cars, are expensive, while others, such as forks and knives, are not. Companies that produce durable merchandise can be volatile, as their profits fluctuate according to how often their customers need more of their products. Durable merchandise is also called consumer durables or durable goods.

durable good

a CONSUMER GOOD, such as a motor car, and CAPITAL GOOD, such as a machine, that is used up over relatively long periods of time rather than immediately.


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Durable Goods is about celebrating those items by bringing them back to the United States," added Max Garbutt.
We are offering a mid-market durable goods company such as Florim an ERP foundation with mySAP, enhancing it with our consulting services and driving process excellence with our ARIS Platform," said Dr.
An estimated 85% to 95% of rigid food packaging there now uses IML, as do some durable goods such as returnable beer crates.
durable goods orders reading as well as sharp equity gains in Japan and some other Asian markets.
During the past 12 months, production worker employment decreased by 252,000 positions, a drop of four percent, compared to a loss of 52,000 jobs, a reduction of two percent, for non-production employment in durable goods.
durable goods are expected to improve for the second month in August, with economists forecasting orders to increase 0.
In terms of the durable goods enduse sectors, the motor vehicle market will provide the strongest gains through 2013.
durable goods fell unexpectedly in May, driven lower by a drop in defense-related orders, while a measure of business spending plans improved, the government reported Wednesday.
2 Durable Goods Industrial Control Demand in China by Industry & Type 99
On a 12-month basis, durable goods orders were up 4.
economy arising partly from a fall in February durable goods orders.
It shows durable goods excluding transportation orders (the dark blue line) as a smoothed version of total durable goods orders.

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