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Concern about the manner in which anti-dumping policy can be captured by rent-seekers for protectionist purposes arises from the ease with which dumping can be found to be taking place.
Bringing an end to ocean dumping of sludge has been a long, tough effort by our agency and other federal, state and local agencies, legislators, and environmentalists through years of negotiations, court cases, and enforcement actions.
Rumors of Soviet nuclear waste dumping have circulated for years, but the leadership of the former USSR had long denied any such activity.
We cannot allow the dumping of those who need care in Skid Row.
3463, the SUTA Dumping Prevention Act of 2004, which is designed to discourage SUTA dumping.
Waste dumping can also be lucrative and virtually risk-free--the ocean's sheer size means dumping there can be extremely difficult to detect, and illegal waste imports are widely thought to cross national borders easily, particularly in developing countries, where inspection systems are minimal.
of Commerce publishes an affirmative preliminary determination (usually within 160 days of the filing of the Antidumping Duty), importers are required to post a cash deposit or bond on all entries of the subject merchandise equal to the weighted average dumping margin.
Dumping is the practice of exporting products to another market and selling them at a significantly lower price than they are sold on the home market.
A TOWN on the edge of a dumping ground for medical waste is living in fear of disease.
After the Commerce Department receives a complaint, it has to decide whether dumping has occurred.
THERE were two fitting postscripts to the Los Angeles City Council's decision last week to sign a five-year deal to continue dumping at Sunshine Canyon Landfill.