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A buyer of real estate who has no interest in owning what he/she buys. That is, if a developer wishes to buy up a large amount of land without attracting attention, he/she may hire dummies to purchase (with the developer's capital) on his/her behalf. The dummies in turn re-sell (or simply give) the properties to the developer.


A straw man, as when a developer desires to purchase a number of properties in order to assemble them and build a shopping center but is afraid that owners will increase their asking prices if they know the true name of the buyer. Owners sell to the dummy, who then transfers to the developer.

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He's certainly no dummy to the boys of QEGS - he's a star.
If you got your child out of nappies then you've got the tools to stop them using a dummy.
Again, encourage the dog to retrieve the last dummy first, and then retrieve the first-thrown dummy on memory.
Particularly in terms of technological equipment and dummy calibration, this lab will be like no other in Asia," explained Dierk Arp, CEO of MESSRING.
When his mouth opens, even a little, slide the dummy in, release the ear pressure and praise the dog.
The researchers, whose study is published online in the British Medical Journal, concluded that using a dummy during sleep was linked to a 90% reduced risk of SIDS compared to babies who did not use a dummy.
The test drops used a tether attachment and a parachute to drop the dummy boosters so they fell from the mothership with their noses upward, as would be necessary to launch a rocket into space.
While dummies can be useful as a comforter and soother for children in their first year, dummy use in older toddlers and children can become a bad habit.
PA), a world leader in 3D and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solutions, announced today the release of the Abaqus WorldSID (Worldwide Side Impact Dummy) 50th percentile male dummy model from SIMULIA, the Dassault Systemes brand for realistic simulation.
Wayne Rooney's other half likely decided to take action after pictures emerged of her three-year-old son sitting on a sunbed in the Caribbean happily sucking on his dummy while playing on an iPad.
A You must be feeling extremely anxious, not only wanting to help your little girl to give up her dummy but pressure from family is the last thing you need.