dual listing

Dual listing

Listing of a security on more than one exchange, thus increasing the competition for bid and offer prices, the liquidity of the securities, and the length of time the stock can be traded daily (if listed on both the east and west coasts.) See: Listed security.

Dual Listing

The practice of listing the same security on two or more stock exchanges. Dual listing is thought to increase liquidity and improve the bid-ask spread for stocks by providing more competition. It can also allow a stock to continue trade after one exchange has closed for the day, but another remains open. However, dual listing is not very common. It should not be confused with multiple listing, which is a term in real estate.

dual listing

The listing of a security on more than one exchange. Many stocks are traded on the New York or the American stock exchanges and on one or more of the regional exchanges. For example, the common stock of General Motors is listed on the New York Stock Exchange, but it also enjoys a large amount of activity on regional exchanges. Although dual listing theoretically should improve the liquidity of a stock thereby benefiting investors, most dual listed securities trade chiefly on one exchange.
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M2 EQUITYBITES-15 March 2010-Verizon announces dual listing on Nasdaq and NYSE(C)2010 M2 COMMUNICATIONS http://www.
HP has decided to withdraw its listing from Nasdaq to reduce the costs of exchange listing fees and administrative burdens associated with a dual listing.
HOUSTON -- Swift Energy Company (NYSE:SFY) announced today that it has submitted a request to voluntarily withdraw its secondary or dual listing of its common stock on NYSE Arca, Inc.
announced plans to voluntarily withdraw it securities from dual listing on NYSE Arca, Inc.
The listing also reinforces DFM's position as the market of choice for companies seeking dual listing in a clear indication on businesses' high level of confidence in our exchange due its world-class infrastructure, enormous and diversified investor base and innovative issuer services.
Bashiri: Planning for dual listing of Iran's ITBs on QSE.
AirAsia Bhd has refused for a dual listing in Hong Kong and a joint venture in China.
In March 2015, Orascom Construction's primary listing at Nasdaq Dubai took place, which included a dual listing with Egypt enabled by MCDR.
M2 EQUITYBITES-August 25, 2015-Navidea Biopharmaceuticals proposes dual listing of shares on TASE
The Department of Finance in a landmark development informed the LSE that it would be implementing the legal and administrative procedures for the dual listing soon.
8 million for the first nine months of the year, a decline of five percent from the same period a year ago, taking into account one-time expenses from its dual listing and the proposed acquisition of the consumer food business of the US corporation Del Monte Foods (DMF).
Officials of the Bucharest Stock Exchange (BSE) said yesterday that they disagree with the dual listing of Fondul Proprietatea (FP) on the Warsaw Stock Exchange (WSE).