Drip feed

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Drip feed

The continual investment of capital in a small and growing company as the company needs it, rather than investing a lump sum at the company's inception.

Drip Feed

1. In venture capital, the practice of making small investments in a start-up as the need for capital arises. That is, a venture capital firm may sponsor a start-up, but a drip feed protects the firm from the risk that a start-up will collapse, resulting in the loss of the whole investment. A drip feed can be useful because it allows the start-up to maintain and expand operations while not forcing too much risk on its sponsor.

2. See: Dollar-cost averaging.
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They recommend drip-feeding cash into an ISA through a regular savings plan.
One method some analysts recommend is drip-feeding money into the stock market, meaning at least some of the investment is made at the best moment.
As she sleeps, Lisa operates a complex drip-feeding machine which pumps a vitamin-enriched compound from 6pm to 4am every night through a tube permanently inserted in her daughter's stomach to keep her alive through the night.
worse than drip-feeding them burgers and fizzy juice
The shining light for Arsenal is that former Highbury great Liam Brady has worked wonders on their youth academy over the years and by drip-feeding in some of the youngsters, it gives Arsenal quality they simply can't afford to buy.
The best way for investors to take advantage of current market conditions, without the risk of trying to time the market, is by drip-feeding their money regularly into funds.