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A trade in a particular stock at a price lower than the trade immediately preceding it. On U.S. stock exchanges, you cannot sell a stock short on a downtick.

Minus Tick

On an exchange, a transaction in which a security was traded at the lower price than its previous trade. Some regulations and rules on exchanges forbid certain transactions following a minus tick or a zero-minus tick, though some rules, notably as the short sale rule, have become obsolete with increased digitalization of the market. A minus tick is also called a downtick.


A downward price movement for a security transaction compared with the preceding transaction of the same security. Also called minus tick. Compare uptick.


When a security sells at a lower price than its previous sale price, the drop in value is called a downtick. For example, if a stock that had been trading at 25 sells at 24.99 the next time it trades, the 1 cent drop is a downtick.

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But looking at the students accepted for this year's incoming class, "we've actually seen a small downtick in the number of students who requested aid,"' Hazen said.
One indication of the declining demand by first-time buyers in Brooklyn was a downtick in prices of one-bedroom apartments.
Well, not really, but people do like to be drama queens and so any downtick in the ratings for such a colossal ratings behemoth apparently merits a measure of hand-wringing.
In any five to seven year campaign period, chances are reasonably good that there will be a downtick in the economy, so you're going to have to make adjustments," Seiler said.
downtick in USDA's yield estimate may be repeated in the Oct.
on April 25, a slight downtick in the exchange rate of the rupee officially made the value of the Indian economy US$1 trillion.
If the time interval is "infinitesimal" then asset prices may safely be assumed to have two likely movements; up-tick or downtick (4).
The recent downtick in real estate activity may provide urban pioneers with one last opportunity to save Sarasota's abused-but-beautiful older houses from the developer's bulldozer.
I wonder if the KFI data for the first quarter might have reflected some skilled nursing seasonal downtick, which is typically normal for that time of year?
The economist in Baron saw the sandwich downtick as a harbinger of the tech bubble bursting, so he focused his sales on "non-cyclical businesses.
Although still high by historical standards, last year's growth rate represented a downtick from 9.