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Although he does not play the double bass, Hachez said his experience with other instruments and knowing how certain notes should sound gives him an advantage over makers who do not play.
Thus Tommy Cooper was a fine magician and Borge a concert pianist and Graffiti Classics do not disappoint in that department showing remarkable musical skills even when performing some nifty footwork including a touch of Riverdance which was clever and funny - remember the double bass.
Unfortunately, there was an internal flight in Belize to get to the army barracks deep in the jungle and the double bass wouldn't fit on the plane.
Two violins and a double bass -- a Viennese precursor of the Power Trio?
Kevin, an early graduate who will be returning to Rice University this fall, plays the double bass and is an accomplished and talented orchestral and chamber musician with plans to become a performing artist, composer and soloist.
Empirical - Nathaniel Facey on saxophone, Lewis Wright on vibraphone, Tom Farmer on double bass and Shaney Forbes on drums - are one of the most focussed bands on the British scene, and they have an elegant and artful way of combining influences from the post-bebop jazz tradition into highly-original music.
Among the chosen participants in the inaugural International Double Bass Solo Competition at the University of North Texas College of Music is Worcester native Max Zeugner.
Vocalist Maureen Hall will be leading the group, accompanied by six musicians - Alan Smith on the trumpet, Barry Soulsby on the clarinet, Iain McAulay playing the trombone, Mac Smith on the keyboard, John Robinson playing double bass and Jim McKeown on the drums.
Flash will be showcasing new material from his upcoming EP release and his performance will feature an acoustic rework of songs with live keys, guitar, percussion, double bass and two backing singers.
Nine-year-old Ali Khan got a close-up of musician Tom Millar's double bass when members of the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra visited a school.
MUMFORD & SONS (pictured right) will be playing live upstairs at Mohan's (formerly Scruffy Murphy's) and you'll see four young men playing old-time instruments - double bass, banjo, dobro - with a lusty fervour.
Seven young double bass players from Kensington junior school and Sacred Heart primary, Kensington, will perform alongside the Phil's conductor, Vasily Petrenko.