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In the BCG growth share matrix, the quadrant representing companies, especially subsidies, that require minimal cash injections but have low market shares, and therefore usually operate with little or no profit. These companies usually exist in mature industries with well established but not very profitable markets, products, or brands. Some analysts recommend selling dogs, as they have little potential for growth; however, because they require little capital to operate, they may be useful and may perhaps produce an earnings surprise. See also: Marketing, Portfolio analysis.


Slang for an undesirable property.

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Keith Lemon's LemonAid sparked 237 complaints about the competition, A Right Dog's Dinner, in which children took part accompanied by their parents.
A FIVE-star dog's dinner that includes cooked-toorder Kobe beef and filet mignon steak is being served by a pet-friendly hotel chain this Christmas.
For what it's worth, I thought the previous badge was a dog's dinner, cannot recall the Latin motto being on the shirts during some of Everton's finest years and believe there are far more pressing things for supporters to protest over.
The people of Kirklees certainly will not benefit from this dog's dinner of a plan
Despite giving Adele's five-year-old dachshund Louie a dicky tummy with her dog's dinner, Paloma blames the Someone Like You singer, 25.
For more info about this read The Dog's Dinner by Val Strong.
The dog's dinner one of them could make out of North Korea should be enough to have Kim Jong-un choking on his dogs' dinners.
Long, long, long on exposition (voice-overs, acting-dancing doubles, singing, et cetera) and short on kinetic interest, the work incorporates a banal script by John Gould Rubin, not-bad songs and music by Phillip Johnston and the rappers Public Enemy, among others, some tepid yet hideous decor and video via David Salle, and a veritable dog's dinner of dance forms These include a traditional ballet blanc, an Indian number (weirdly akin to the "Coffee" variation in The Nutcracker), hip-hop, techno-modernism, and some Eurotrashy ballet-as-aggression.
HE might have made a dog's dinner of the Department of Justice but apparently Alan Shatter is something of a genius in the kitchen.
Either that or they merely want Wales to move on and acquire a more effective and efficient form of government, (like Scotland and Northern Ireland), rather than to remain stuck in limbo with the failed and flawed political dog's dinner we have to stomach at present.
We then see that Maghull has retained permission to build its architectural dog's dinner of a building on Hope Street - the centre of Liverpool's Georgian Heritage and an area our council boasts about to encourage visitors.