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A complete asset or investment disposal such as outright sale or liquidation.


The removal of assets from a person or firm's balance sheet through sale, exchange, closure, bankruptcy, or some other means. Divestiture may occur when a person or company has acquired more than he/she/it can properly administer. This sort of divestiture may occur slowly; for example, a corporation may slowly sell subsidiaries to concentrate exclusively on its core competence. On the other hand, divestiture may occur because a person or company has become cash poor and needs to build liquidity very quickly.


The sale, liquidation, or spinoff of a division or subsidiary. For example, a firm may decide to divest itself of a division in order to concentrate its managerial efforts on more promising segments of its business.
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If the enemy property was divested from the Custodian before July 2, 2010, it shall stand transferred to and vest or continue to vest in the Custodian.
The risk is small to the divesting firm because the CPA has already decided the divested clients are not clients it wants to retain; the firm was prepared to let them go.
We thus live in a world divested of order and purpose in which violence is the most manifest reality.
George market is caused by the fact that the divested branches control a large amount of deposits.
2) However, unlike other acquisitions, buyers of divested assets also earn positive abnormal returns.
UANI has previously announced that Erste-Sparinvest, Eaton Vance, Nord Est Asset Management, Aktia, and Ameriprise Financial have already divested from Lebanese bonds.
The five-year semi-annual fixed bond coupons were divested with a maturity for 27 March, 2019.
That store is one of the 19 to be divested under a consent decree filed recently by the California Department of Justice as part of an agreement paving the way for the purchase by Portland-based Fred Meyer Inc.
UANI accepts Erste-Sparinvest's statement, and will list the firm as having divested from Lebanese debt securities.
In addition, the Company has divested itself of several divisions ("Divested Divisions") since emerging from bankruptcy on November 29, 1996.
As part of the sale, Aetrium transferred all intellectual property, inventory, equipment and other assets associated with the divested product lines to WEB Technology.
CEO and Chairman J&K Bank, Mushtaq Ahmed, said : "We have already divested partially from MetLife by reducing our equity from 11% to 5%.