distribution stock

Distribution stock

A small amount of a specific stock that forms part of a larger block of stock that is sold small amount by small amount so as not to disrupt the stock's market price.

Distribution Stock

A small number of shares within a larger number of shares of a single security that are sold consistently over a long period of time as opposed to all at once. This is done to avoid causing fluctuations in price. See also: Distribution area.

distribution stock

A relatively large block of stock sold over a period of time in either the primary or the secondary markets.
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Transport service and distribution stock material between the Central and Peripheral Warehouses.
With needs unlikely to be met until late in 2014 or early 2015, last year did witness some creative uses for older distribution stock.
The Laboratory Distribution Stock Index was the only IBO index to rise in value for the month of June.
These tools include: the Distribution Stock Check, allowing customers to order products on-line directly from a Fairchild distributor; and Fairchild's Sample Program, supporting the on-line request of samples for Fairchild's newest devices.
Worldwide distribution stock is expected on or before April 15, 2012.
Moreover, as the dividend distribution stock registrations make their way through SEC approval, UCGI should be able to liquidate shares held in the spin-off companies to generate cash to support other operations of BUGS and its subsidiaries.
prices from qualified individuals and/or firms, for the purchase of Paper: Multipurpose, Xerographic Supplies, for Stores and Mail Distribution stock.
Available today in distribution stock are two new evaluation kits, one development kit and one reference design kit.
Huddersfield currently has a very low level of good quality industrial and distribution stock so we anticipate that we will have a strong level of interest for Crossley Lane.
Appreciation was the major reason for the increase in distribution stock holdings.
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