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Credit disintermediation is an important force for more efficient capital allocation in Europe, but the trend also benefits investors.
Best's expectations over a sustained period and exposure to disintermediation risk if interest rates rise sharply.
Maybe not strictly disintermediation but, you may agree, not Strictly Come Cricket either.
Increased funding disintermediation in Europe is a positive development on many fronts.
Disintermediation has been the term of choice for more than a decade and it pops up in conversation with people in all the industries where it's taking place.
Dot-coms that were concerned only about aggregating eyeballs or disintermediation or other so-called business strategies are in deep trouble or no longer standing," says Geoffrey Bock, a senior analyst for the Patricia Seybold Group, a market research firm in Cambridge, Mass.
He explains and defines business, stock market, and technology terms from disintermediation and triple witching to twisted pair and horizontal portal.
The paper states that the threat of disintermediation is currently low on the commercial side of the business because there is a high value in the bundle of services performed at a marginal cost by mortgage bankers.
But to remain that vital link, health systems need to be aware of and understand the implications of disintermediation.
It's hardly surprising that Time, as a huge-circulation cash cow of a giant corporation, casts the promise of disintermediation starkly in terms of stardom and big bucks, rather than anything as impecunious as, say, self-expression.
Investors in the short run will do well, but in the long term, given the current disintermediation, it's not a good idea," Mr Lee said.