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The disc jockey was dragged out of the club and onto the sidewalk, where he was punched, struck with a beer bottle and repeatedly kicked in the head and body, rendering him unconscious, according to the reports.
Born in Delhi, Bhuvi gave a free rein to his passion for music for the first time in 1997 and became a professional disc jockey.
But as the war wound down, stations began introducing disc jockeys into their program mix, and that meant there was less need for musicians.
Read in the music press that disc jockeys were wanted by a pirate radio station.
Staunton, who was traced with the help of Telecom Eireann, would pose as a 2FM disc jockey and claim he was calling to include the girl in a competition.
ONE of Huddersfield's first mobile disc jockeys, Malcolm Schofield, has died.
Jack Frost said he has carved out a living as a disc jockey, playing clubs in Worcester and around the country, as well as private parties.
From their lively anecdotes, the Theresa is once more vibrant with gossip and chatter; you can hear the music stealing down the stairwells from the second floor where disc jockey Hal Jackson was at the turntable; you can feel the excitement of the lobby and the temptation to peep through the Venetian blinds and watch your favorite star.
The designer of the space will even create a landing for a disc jockey who--according to Ochs--will play music after 11 p.