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1. Any brokerage account with a restriction, or the restrictions themselves. Disabilities exist generally to prevent conflicts of interest in investment. For example, an employee of the brokerage may be unable to make certain transactions on his account with the brokerage.

2. See: Disability insurance.


Restrictions or special handling requirements that are placed on an individual's brokerage account. For example, an employee of a financial institution involved in the securities business must have special permission from the employer in order to have a margin account.
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Animal studies also are adding to our knowledge of learning disabilities in humans.
Many times, adults find that their learning disabilities also affect vocational choice and success (Brown, 2000; Poussu-Olli, 2001; Farmer, Riddick, & Sterling, 2002; Reiff & Gerber, 1995).
Smith and Williams (2001) also reported similar findings to Diamond and Hesteness (1996), however, Smith and Williams observed that children as young as four years were able to differentiate abilities affected by emotional/behavioral disabilities as opposed to physical disabilities.
The University of Illinois is like many universities in that its support of people with disabilities is minimal," maintains Robin Jones, director of the Great Lakes ADA and Accessible IT Center located at the University of Illinois, Chicago.
Overall, a greater proportion of white and black non-Hispanic populations have severe disabilities, compared to Asian, Pacific Islanders and Hispanics.
The landmark Rehabilitation Act of 1974 with its 504 regulation prohibited discrimination in employment of people with disabilities in all sectors that received federal funding.
Students with learning disabilities may have average or above-average intelligence.
Little investigative attention has been given to the decision-making skills, career/vocational development, and the relatively narrow range of career options for students with disabilities in today's labor market.
The Canadian Association for Community Living and the Council of Canadians with Disabilities welcomed the report stating: "While encouraged by the report, the disability community believes this must be considered as one piece of a disability agenda.
These initiatives are designed to enhance the effectiveness of the VR system with the practical expertise and knowledge of persons with disabilities who have successfully overcome barriers in achieving their goals.
As a result of evolving legislation and educational initiatives, today more than 95 percent of students with physical, emotional, learning, cognitive, visual, and hearing disabilities receive some or all of their education in regular classrooms.
Michaels puts more emphasis on widows than on sickness and death, but he nevertheless points to the possibility of families moving to the mills because of the disabilities of individual, probably male, family members.

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