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A seat on the board of directors of a company or other organization. A directorship allows one to have a direct say in a company's policies, particularly regarding dividend payments, the hiring and firing of major executives, and so forth. One receives a directorship as the result of a shareholder vote. Generally speaking, directors are nominated on the basis of whom they intend to represent, whether that be management, a particular block of shareholders, or even the company's employees.


A member of a firm's board of directors. A director also may hold a management position within the firm. See also inside director, outside director.


an official of A JOINT-STOCK COMPANY elected by the SHAREHOLDERS at the company's ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING and charged with certain powers and responsibilities to run the company on behalf of the shareholders. Each company will have a number of directors who constitute the BOARD OF DIRECTORS and the directors will meet regularly to determine company policy. The board generally elects one of their number to act as chairman of the BOARD OF DIRECTORS and may also elect one of their number to serve as managing director with responsibility for the day to day management of the company. Some directors will be executive directors and will hold senior salaried management posts in the company; others may be non-executive directors who are not primarily employed by the company but may be bankers or executives employed by other companies, contributing their expertise at board meetings in return for directors' fees. See CORPORATE GOVERNANCE.
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The fans can currently catch actor Paul Wesley as vampire Stefan Salvatore in the latest season of the CW TV series while waiting for his directorial work to air in 2015.
Haggis, who also wrote and produced the film, has been a successful screenwriter (``Million Dollar Baby''), but his directorial efforts had been mostly in television shows, including ``thirtysomething.
Abbas Tyrewala also made his directorial debut with the film, a hattrick of debutant in a single film.
Talpade, currently busy shooting for Golmaal Again and also working on the post-production of his debut directorial film Poster Boys, says he is struggling between his personal life and professional commitments.
The reorganization also affected some positions in the Directorial Staff, Directorate for Integrated Police Operations, National Support Units and Police Regional Offices.
She started out her directorial career in the early 90's with "Little Man Tate" and "Home for the Holidays.
Summary: Plan B has been praised by the stars of his directorial debut, ILL Manors.
Out writer Craig Lucas (Longtime Companion) presents his premiere directorial world The Dying Gaul, about an AIDS-widowed screenwriter (Peter Sarsgaard) who's offered a soul-crushing yet lucrative deal by a studio boss (Campbell Scott).
The Hobbit'' marks Jymn Magon's directorial debut at the theater.
Cotton Mary, Merchant's fourth directorial venture (which opens in New York on February 11), a film about the gradual destruction of an Anglo-Indian nurse obsessed with an English couple's baby in India in the '50s, continues in the same vein, albeit without Ivory and Jhabvala.
Unflinchingly honest and perceptive, Klymkiw's directorial debut is a devastating dramatic dissection of just how strangely caring, potentially dangerous, and downright idiotic male bonding can be.
His directorial debut, "The Shawshank Redemption," was nominated for seven Academy Awards(R) including Best Picture.

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