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One who gives property or assets to someone else through the vehicle of a trust.


A person or institution who gives assets to another person or institution, either directly or through a trust. Under most circumstances, donors can deduct the value (or depreciated value) of the assets given from their taxable income. While many donors give out of the goodness of their hearts, many do so in order to avoid taxes, especially when donating through a trust.


One who gives a gift.

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Are all first-time directed donors being compared as a group with the agglomerate of first-time homologous donors?
Thus, analysis of the data provided on directed donors allows comparisons between total directed and total volunteer homologous groups, between previous volunteer directed donors and repeat volunteer donor groups, and between first-time-directed and first-time-volunteer homologous groups.
There are ample reasons to be cautious in evaluating the medical efficacy of red blood cells from directed donors.
We propose different packages for deceased donors (or, specifically, their families), living directed donors, and living undirected donors.
Living directed donors can be expected to persist in significant numbers under any procurement system that produces recurrent shortages.

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