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Although we don't know for certain what each and every individual needs, we do know that if you consume nutrients at the level of their RDAs, your risk of developing a dietary deficiency disease is only 2 percent or less.
But flabby arms and legs are the least of your problems if you have this dietary deficiency.
Pica can very rarely be due to a dietary deficiency.
The first part of the book provides a historical background of vitamins C and E and summarizes important discoveries concerning their biological functions and their roles in prevention of dietary deficiency, chronic disease and oxidative stress.
Michels notes that family members often share the same environment, which may harbor some unidentified, heart-damaging factor -- a virus, perhaps, or a dietary deficiency (SN: 9/27/86, p.
During the unprecedented forum, scientists spoke to food industry leaders about dietary deficiency in Americans, how EPA and DHA can benefit those who do not receive enough fish in their diet, and the need to introduce EPA/DHA ingredients into their diets.
Now, a group of French scientists has discovered that dietary deficiency of omega-3 fats in animals causes a loss of function in certain central nervous system receptors that are crucial for neurotransmission and a healthy mood.