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Informal for a stock or other security that has dropped in price over a given period. For example, if a stock opens at $5 and closes at $4.45, it is said to be a decliner for that trading day.


Stocks that have dropped, or fallen, in value over a particular period are described as decliners. If more stocks decline than advance, or go up in value, over the course of a trading day, the financial press reports that decliners led advancers.

The indexes that track the market may decline as well. If decliners dominate for a period of time, the market may also be described as bearish.

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While in the phase of binarization, the first feature extracted is the grouping of the character into the following categories of: ascender, descender and neither.
The Descender M-50's dual-axle, 20,000pound trailer can be towed by a one-ton or larger truck.
This is evident in their overhaul of the NoWorries[TM] Double stop Descender, the OzPod[TM] Rescue Frame and the introduction of the new lightweight and robust ExPlorer[TM] Chest Ascender.
The Euskaltel-Euskadi rider, whose Tour de France hopes were wrekced early on in a crash that left him with a broken should and hand, may find the route to his liking and this fearless descender could be advantaged by a series of tricky, wet downhill sections.
Demon descender Nibali made a late move to attack the yellow jersey group, but a mechanical problem slowed his progress.
Demon descender Nibali took the lead as the group began to plummet towards the finish.
A questao da "pureza de sangue" ou "limpeza de sangue" so foi levantada uma vez, porque so um dos citados na lista tinha antepassados "cristaos-novos" ou muculmanos alem de descender de mulatos.
Prices will be at a fraction of the usual cost giving families the chance to try everything from the zip wire and fan descender to kayaking, climbing, skiing, archery and canoeing.
Victory went to Mike Blake, a prodigious descender, who also overhauled Dafydd Whiteside-Thomas.
Riders are suited-up in Stratosphere's custom jump suits and connected to a patented high-speed descender machine.
A la vista del listado que figura en el apendice A, se deduce que hemos procurado utilizar categorias de conducta amplias y en lo posible significativas, eludiendo descender a niveles excesivamente concretos u "operativizados": asi, se ha preferido usar la categoria molar "autoagresion" en lugar de comportamientos mas moleculares tales como pellizcarse, morderse, golpearse la cabeza, arrancarse el pelo, pincharse o cortarse, etc.
5), the riser of the "h" is on the same level as the descender of the "y" in "eternity" (l.