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Denying having discussed with her how they could hide the affair.
Trapping the ball just inside the time line cuts the area that must be defended in half, with P4 being the goalie, M1 denying the vertical pass down the sideline, T3 denying the middle pass, with W2 and S5 trapping the dribbler.
An ABC News/Washington Post poll issued in early June found that 68 percent of Americans oppose denying communion to politicians who go against church dogma.
Giving the Board of Zoning Appeals the deference to which it is entitled under such circumstances, we conclude that it acted rationally and with the support of substantial evidence in denying petitioner's application.
Appeal and cross-appeal of district court order granting in part and denying in part the Board's motion for summary judgment seeking prejudgment interest and a statutory surcharge in connection with a civil money penalty assessed by the Board.
First, does the Constitution's Due Process Clause shield officers from departmental discipline for falsely denying allegations of misconduct?
While illicit use by teens will inevitably continue, we won't be denying them marijuana on the spurious basis that there is something especially bad about pot.
The incentive then exists to exclude individuals with significant known health-care needs from participating in the MCO (just as health insurance carriers do now) or to find ways of denying services, even when the service is listed as a covered benefit.
The Commission's action is consistent with GNC's/GCA's position that the Commission was saving its "excuses" in order to accomplish its objective of denying a license.
Denying corporate taxpayers a deduction for interest paid on income tax underpayments would harden taxpayers from giving such extensions because it would postpone the ultimate determination of the amount of the taxpayer's liability that would be owing plus accrued interest.
Of course, the whole idea of denying any patient knowledge of his illness is dubious, yet doctors also claim that if patients see their records it will increase their anxiety and make them less likely to comply with their physicians orders.
Seidman filed the Petition for Certification after the Appellate Division of the Superior Court of New Jersey unanimously dismissed an appeal by Lawrence Seidman from a decision of the Department of Banking and Insurance denying Mr.