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If customers order products and expect to have them delivered in three to five days, NYC can help establish a system that can meet those consumer demands.
played a critical role helping regional grid operators achieve significant reductions in end-user demand in order to avert potential blackouts.
Such risks and uncertainties include our ability to meet release schedules, customer demands, accomplish development goals, integrate our products, and deploy integrated solutions.
Supply & Demand Chain Executive 100 showcases providers of real-life supply chain implementations; Stellent selected for supplier extranet deployments at Emerson Process Management
GXS, a leading provider of business-to-business (B2B) e-commerce solutions, announced today that it has been named to the 2005 Supply & Demand Chain Executive 100 for three years running.
Uppal leads the overall strategy, product direction and development team at NextLinx, continuously providing programs, solutions and products that meet the demands of the global trade market.
JRG helps manufacturers Build-to-Consumption -- connecting factories directly to retailers so that they can schedule and re-schedule production daily based on retailer demand.
The company's scalable On Demand video server delivers up to 120,000 simultaneous streams from a single site, without content duplication or hidden storage costs, meeting the demands of VOD today and the future content needs of Everything On Demand.
Manufacturers around the world are caught in a crossfire between increasing customer demands, mounting global competition, and financially strapped suppliers," said Andy Carlson, vice president of product marketing, PeopleSoft Manufacturing and Supply Chain Management.
Global eXchange Services offers a diverse service portfolio that we continue to refine for customers faced with evolving supply chain standards and demands.