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The Deliverability Assessment provides an overall snapshot of deliverability and highlights areas of potential concern by analyzing content submitted by the sender.
For additional information on Return Path's Deliverability Monitoring Suite please visit: http://www.
Cisco WebEx also relies on StrongMail's team of deliverability experts to address any deliverability issues that might arise.
The new solutions, Marketo Email Deliverability PowerPack and Email Deliverability SuperPack, include capabilities such as:
The Webinar follows the release of ExactTarget's Letters to the C-Suite: Getting Serious About Permission and Deliverability briefing, which provides practical tips on how to increase email delivery rates and offers insight into trends affecting email marketing.
Return Path Delivery Assurance Solutions are the industry's original and premier email deliverability tools and services, including the Bonded Sender Program for email accreditation, and remain the only full-circle solution for solving email deliverability issues.
Historically, email marketers have only been able to resolve deliverability issues at the conclusion of a campaign after suffering potential damage to both their reputation and results, and the process for resolving such problems has been frustratingly costly and time-consuming with no assurance they won't reoccur," said Dave Lewis, CMO of Message Systems.
Many email service providers still lack a holistic solution for success in today's email environment and only selectively share critical deliverability information with their clients," says Deirdre Baird, CEO of Pivotal Veracity.
Every bulk email sender, no matter how big they are, faces deliverability issues due to the fight against spam," remarked John Alessi, President of SocketLabs.