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The information in a deed that will precisely identify the land being conveyed, in such a manner that it cannot be confused with any other land.It is not appropriate to use a street address or a tax parcel identification number in a deed,except as additional information to aid in the description.There are three predominant types of description:

• Metes and bounds. Includes an independently verifiable starting point, distances of lines and directions, and angles between lines.

• Aliquot parts. Uses portions of one or more sections (640 acres), half sections (320 acres), quarter sections (160 acres), or quarter-quarter sections (40 acres).

• Subdivision plat. Makes reference to subdivision plats, such as “Lot 9, Block 3 according to the plat or map of Sunny Acres as recorded in the County records at Plat Book 182, Page 79.”

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The Acrobats of China," featuring the New Shanghai Circus, is a show that defies description.
The vicious tortures inflicted upon many of these farmers, many of them old and retired people, almost defies description.
What Smith has endured defies description, but he still can be found, on most days, at his desk in Springfield or Tulsa, helping ensure that May's remains one of the very best drug chains in America.
The incredibly soft feel of each truly defies description.
The body is described as beautiful because it is the object of love, but an impossible object, an object which defies description.
Perhaps the best way to describe the forests of the East even today is to say that their diversity defies description - from the vast boreal forests of the north extending into Canada, to the white pine and northern hardwoods forests stretching from Maine to Minnesota, and south to the great swamps of the Everglades and the southern pine forests of the Atlantic and Gulf coasts.
The way this doubleheader regime has dealt with AIDS as a disease, with the rights of people with AIDS and with the whole context of sexuality and health is a moral shame so immense and a social crime so heinous that it almost defies description.
Fonte, 32, said: "I was playing in League One a few years ago - it defies description.
said of Mario Balotelli who has returned to Italy for aSeason-long loan with AC Milan after a campaign with Liverpool last year that Sadly, the same cannot be said of Mario Balotelli whohas returned to Italy for aSeasonlong loan with ac almost defies description.
And from the beginning, she has developed a love and admiration for the city that defies description and expectation, as have innumerable Arabs and internationals done before her.
Barton felt the Ivorian - whose hairstyle simply defies description and no doubt will not be copied by any sane person - had dived and hauled the Arsenal striker to his feet.