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Only one company defaulted in May, lifting the year-to-date default count slightly up to 23.
Measured on a dollar volume basis, the European speculative-grade bond default rate rose to 8.
On primary mortgages, homeowners were a median five months behind on their payments when the lender started the default process.
The majority, however, focusing on what it perceived to be the intent of the parties, rather than the four corners of the guaranty, wrote that it was "disingenuous" for Madison to argue that the Millers should have "expected their obligations under the guaranty to be extended by a mere technical violation rather than by a material default.
So a name, race, vague location, and a broad age range is sufficient to launch a process that could quickly lead to a default judgment, asset liens, and a blocked passport?
In 2002, the risk of additional defaults in Argentina will remain high as the economic turmoil runs its course," said Brady.
No state GO defaults were found in the database; in fact, no state has defaulted on its GO bonds since the Great Depression of the 1930s, and then there was only one default by Arkansas.
Retail is expected to underperform versus all other corporate sectors and could account for $7 billion of loan default volume next year, leading to a sector default rate of 10%.
Measured on a dollar volume basis, the global speculative-grade bond default rate ended 2009 at 15.
With traditional bonds, the surety is entitled to, and routinely does, investigate the alleged default of its principal (the subcontractor) before taking any action to resolve the situation.
For the year's first nine months, 37,875 property owners across the state received a default notice, down from 51,182 a year ago.