dead cat bounce

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Dead cat bounce

A small upmove in a bear market.

Dead Cat Bounce

Slang; a small rally after a significant decline. The term implies that the decline will continue and will be sustained. For example, if a stock price drops from $150 to $125, then rises to $130, then drops to $110, the rise is said to be a dead cat bounce.

dead cat bounce

A sharp and likely temporary rise in the market price of a stock following an extensive decline.
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WEAKER than expected US manufacturing data pushed London's leading shares index into the red yesterday as Monday's near 2% surge proved to be a dead cat bounce.
Hence, I wouldn't think equities can make a sustained rally -- current gains are more of a dead cat bounce.
TANNADICE chairman Jim McLean is now going to attempt the dead cat bounce.
But Connor Campbell at Spreadex warned: "This may well be a dead cat bounce, but one imagines given the state they are in the global markets will welcome any respite they can.
There would be a predictable boost, dead cat bounce they call it, as Corbyn-mania swept the nation, or that approximate 0.
It's a dead cat bounce," Alex Mathews, head of research at Geojit BNP Paribas Financial Services, said by phone from Kochi in southern India.
Freedman is also rumoured to be writing a book entitled Dead Cat Bounce.
Alan Carr, Michael McIntyre, Jo Brand and Jack Dee provide the laughs, and NDubz and Irish band Dead Cat Bounce will be providing the music.
It is said to be a dead cat bounce, or a technical bounce back that follows a steep fall.
Channon's current apprentice Michael Geran also rode a winner, taking the seller on favourite Flying Lady, who was favoured by the conditions and won well from Dead Cat Bounce.
This time, as they say in the City, it has the whiff of a dead cat bounce.