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Simulation data sets constructed from the same preconcurvity data set are connected by lines, and the large blue points in Figure 3 represent the overall type I error for a single value of the concurvity parameter.
The Visible Cement Data Set website has been created and is currently being populated with the various data sets collected during the experiments conducted at the ESRF facilities.
Molecular expression profiles that match a query data set of nucleic acid or amino acid sequence for an experimentally determined gene or protein expression profile can be presented in rank order by quality of match for all significant matches, together with all contextually associated (e.
For each identification number -- each customer in the data set -- the researchers selected purchases at random, then determined how many other customers' purchase histories contained the same data points.
FIGURE 2 OMITTED] Internal/External Discrimination: Collecting this data set enables identification of features internal to the pipe surface.
CDP-based restoration provides atomicity, offering a holistic data set which can be recovered whether or not an application was quiescent at the moment of recovery.
There are three leading explanations: 1) the sample of children included in the data set used by Phillips, the Children of the National Longitudinal Survey of Youth (CNLSY), especially in the early years, may be nonrepresentative; 2) better information on students' background characteristics is available in the Early Childhood survey; and 3) blacks born into recent cohorts have made real gains relative to blacks born a decade earlier.
Each effect size in a homogeneous data set is considered an estimate of the effect size for the population from which the data was gathered.
A data set consists of 64 numbers, one corresponding to each cell in the 8-by-8 array.
Therefore, in addition to determining through sets of questions whether a principle was followed, the questionnaire explored whether scientists were successful in their use of each data set.
If the data set is small, the law becomes less accurate because there are not enough items in the sample and so the rules of randomness don't apply--or at least apply with less predictability.