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In the context of securities, refers to the exchange of a convertible security such as a bond into stock.

In the context of mutual funds, refers to the free exchange of mutual fund shares from one fund to another in a single family.


The act of exchanging a convertible security for the underlying common stock. For example, if one holds a convertible bond in company A, conversion occurs when the holder gives the convertible bond back to company A and, in return, either receives for free or buys at a stated price, common shares in the same company.


(1) The process of changing a property into condominium ownership. (2) Wrongfully taking property of another,or denying that person access to his or her property.If a self-storage facility overlocks a tenant unit in the mistaken belief the rent is past due, when in reality the rent was credited to the wrong person's account,then the facility is guilty of conversion.

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Provide processes, tools, and automation to support the data conversion
Fundamentally data conversion matters because insurers simply cannot modernize their claims operations or adopt advanced analytical capabilities without moving onto new platforms that provide reliable access to important historical data.
With all data conversion and integration services, OCI provides key metric reports to ensure that strict quality demands are met.
Data Conversion Laboratory (DCL) has over 20 years in the conversion business with over 10,000 projects completed.
To assist with this effort, vendors may offer data conversion support services to assure that customers have useful systems (with clean data) after the new software is installed and operational.
In today's environment, access to data and the ability to have it readily available where you need it, and in a flexible format, is critical to success," said Mark Gross, President of Data Conversion Laboratory.
Because Arbortext and DCL are renowned XML and data conversion experts, the alliance immediately provides enterprises a complete solution aimed at tackling large and complex data conversion projects.
Where data conversion fits into the overall project
NYSE: ADI), a global leader in high-performance semiconductors for signal processing applications, is making new levels of precision data conversion performance available with the introduction of three analog-to-digital converters (ADCs).
The company previously completed a similar data conversion project for FPL's service area in Dade County, Fla.
Leveraging ADI's data conversion and RF signal processing expertise, the new transceivers integrate high-performance data converters on chip and deliver outstanding RF performance, enabling a WiMAX terminal solution that meets the reduced cost requirements essential for high volume deployment.