daisy chain

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Daisy chain

Manipulation of the market by traders to create the illusion of active volume to attract investors.

Daisy Chain

A series of manipulative transactions on a security intended to create an impression of a high trading volume, suggesting interest in assets or securities that may not actually be there. This tends to increase the share price, which in turn encourages other investors to buy the security. When other investors become interested, the manipulating traders dump the security at an artificially high price. See also: Churning, Round-Trip Trading.

daisy chain

Manipulative trading among a small group of individuals or institutions that is intended to give the impression of heavy volume. As outsiders see the unusual trading activity and are drawn into the chain, the traders who started the daisy chain then sell their positions, leaving the new investors with overpriced securities.
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Judith Haysmore, chief executive of Daisy Chain, said: "Events like the Lobster Charity Ball are hugely important for us as for every six pounds that's raised we are able to provide one hour of respite care for a child.
But since Fearne appeared in fashion magazines and wore their daisy chain headband they've been absolutely inundated.
The city band, who made a comeback this year after a 20-year absence from the music business, decided to donate cash to Lola Giuffre after hearing about her efforts to make a daisy chain out of 35,000 flowers.
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n pyjamas at the ready Sarah Sutcliffe (front) with Daisy Chain nursery children raising cash for the Tsunami Disaster Fund
All across the country, stunned mothers sat glued to their TV sets watching rerun after video rerun of scared, little children being led from the day care center in a daisy chain by their teachers.