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Key Topics Covered: Chapter One Cylinder Block Industry Overview Chapter Two Global Cylinder Block Market Status Analysis Chapter Three Major Regions Cylinder Block Market Status Analysis Chapter Four Major Countries Cylinder Block Market Status and Analysis Chapter Five Major Companies Cylinder Block Market Status and Analysis Chapter Six Cylinder Block Industry Chain and Marketing Channels Analysis Chapter Seven Cylinder Block Industry Segment Market Analysis Chapter Eight Cylinder Block Industry Development Trend Chapter Nine Cylinder Block New Project Investment Feasibility Analysis Chapter Ten Global Cylinder Block Industry Research Conclusion Companies Mentioned:
Therefore a new device has been developed for measuring the temperature of a cylinder block in an axial piston pump (Bloch & Zloto, 1986).
Both new MIVEC engines employ weight-reducing technologies such as the aluminum cylinder block to achieve a more than 10 percent weight reduction, which contributes to improved fuel economy and driving performance.
The motor is connected to the shaft of the drive machine through the hollow shaft of the cylinder block.
Market Research Report on Global Cylinder Block Industry , 2014-2020 is a professional and depth research report on the Global Cylinder Block industry.
The Global Cylinder Block Industry Report 2014 is a professional and in-depth study on the current state of the global cylinder block industry.
It features dual-overhead cams, direct injection, continuously variable intake and exhaust timing, electronic throttle control and a lightweight aluminium cylinder block and cylinder head.
There has been some changes and modifications to the rods and pistons, spark plugs, smoke valves, cylinder head gasket, cylinder block and exhaust manifold too.
Processes conducted at the HATC engine plant currently include molding and machining of the cylinder block and machining of the cylinder head, both key components of an engine.
To maintain its popularity the engine has been extensively revised and gets an all-aluminium cylinder block that reduces the weight by 25kg.
The Lamb cylinder block and head machining systems for Hyundai are representative of the automotive industry's trend toward manufacturing flexibility.
7 million capital investment to expand the plant to add cylinder block casting production in the spring of 2008.