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In the context of project financing, the extra amount of net cash flow remaining after expected debt service.


1. Period of time during which a bond cannot be called. Interest payments are guaranteed during the cushion, but not after, as the bond may be prematurely redeemed at any point after the call date.

2. A reserve account, or the function a reserve account serves, usually to pay off bad debt.

3. An advantageous debt-to-equity ratio, usually less than 40%.


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Koala can't wait to spend the season with his one true love, cushiony soft Cushelle.
Provides high shine with a silicone-like silky non-tacky, cushiony skin feel, unlike most elastomers that are mattifying.
In the hand, women will immediately notice the CZ's shorter grip, which is a boon for small hands, and the cushiony rubber grips.
We are working on a product that will be more cavitated--foamier, more cushiony, if you will--that can absorb more of a hit to protect that chip.
When the socializing ends, the crowd moves into a cushiony theater for the awards program, which Golden opens by announcing, "I can't think of a time when we have needed literature more--literature as refuge, literature as restoration .
Similarly, at JCI's Murfreesboro plant where those cushiony soft Maxima seats are assembled and shipped to Nissan's Smyrna, TN, factory 15 miles away, Michael Swift, director of operations, says quality expectations have increased.
Like Tashia, Megan got a killer corner unit that doubles as cushiony seating and nifty storage.
Printing alternating lacquered and non-lacquered areas creates the cushiony effect of raised embossing.
Strict rules and red tape were reasons enough to convince Angie Lafontaine and Denyse Nadon-Holder to quit their cushiony executive positions, "step outside the box" and create Bear Vision, a consulting and training company.
Unlike their cushiony cousin, these materials tend to compress quickly, but mold very easily to the wearer's foot.
The humble hideaway in the Cobble Hill section of Brooklyn is eclectically furnished with soft, cushiony chairs, antique fixtures glistening in the flicker of aromatherapy candles, and a fireplace that adds a special home feel to the 1,000-square-foot shop.