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In the context of project financing, the extra amount of net cash flow remaining after expected debt service.


1. Period of time during which a bond cannot be called. Interest payments are guaranteed during the cushion, but not after, as the bond may be prematurely redeemed at any point after the call date.

2. A reserve account, or the function a reserve account serves, usually to pay off bad debt.

3. An advantageous debt-to-equity ratio, usually less than 40%.


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If not, pop one of these small lumbar-supporting cushions behind you and you'll soon relax.
Blue skies are on their way so celebrate with Asda's Castaway homeware range of cushions, throws and bedding in delicate colours such as Aegean green and aqua blue.
He's paired it with plain design grey shade cushions to give that unobtrusive and delicate burst of colour.
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Despite all those choices, there's very little comparative research that's looked at which cushions are better at reducing the risk of developing a pressure ulcer.
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It could be expanded by 6,000 sq m to a total annual capacity of over ten million cushions.
The inflatable packaging system creates custom-sized, air-filled cushions that provide cushioned protection, blocking and bracing for products throughout the shipping cycle.
The cushions we use are foam wheelchair cushions, 34 inches deep and at least 3/4 the length of the arm.
rollerskate manufacturer to choose a specialty olefinic TPE over other materials for the cushions of its skate trucks.