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In the context of project financing, the extra amount of net cash flow remaining after expected debt service.


1. Period of time during which a bond cannot be called. Interest payments are guaranteed during the cushion, but not after, as the bond may be prematurely redeemed at any point after the call date.

2. A reserve account, or the function a reserve account serves, usually to pay off bad debt.

3. An advantageous debt-to-equity ratio, usually less than 40%.


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Cushioning is an important aspect of cylinder operation, improving product life by taking out sharp impacts that can damage the actuator, products on the machine or the machine itself.
To celebrate the golden anniversary, Sealed Air, makers of Bubble Wrap brand will conduct a special limited run of gold Bubble Wrap cushioning.
A stability shoe represents the middle category and offers a desirable combination of cushioning and motion control.
Since cushioning is not as important as alignment in providing comfort and decreasing injury risk, the vast majority of distance-running patients would most benefit from a stability shoe, the middle category that offers a combination of cushioning and motion control.
3] means that "Soly't cushioning can be made 50% lighter--70% for special comfort products--than that made from standard foams.
Through the alliance, Domain will offer Reflex Polymer Cushioning products in all of its upholstered furniture.
Cushioning ability under specified conditions tends to deteriorate with the number of impacts as the cell walls yield and eventually rapture (5) with increasing impacts.
With the wide range of damping and cushioning materials available today, selecting the one best-suited to a particular shock- or vibration-control application involves examining a broad - and potentially confusing - spectrum of physical and performance properties.
Sealed Air Corporation (NYSE:SEE), the creator of Bubble Wrap([R]) brand cushioning, today named 15 year-old Grayson Rosenberger, of Nashville, Tennessee, the grand prize winner of the first-ever Bubble Wrap([R]) Competition for Young Inventors.
This means superior cushioning and protection for fragile and valuable items.
Compare arch support, tread width, firmness and gel cushioning among several model shoes.
New elasticized webbing materials used as spring media and medium density polyurethane foams used as damping or cushioning materials will alleviate this problem.