current maturity

Current maturity

Current time to maturity on an outstanding debt instrument.

Current Maturity

The time between today's date and the maturity date for a particular bond. For example, if a company issued a 20 years bond five years ago, its current maturity is 15 years. The current maturity is important for a bond's valuation. See also: Yield to maturity, Duration.

current maturity

The length of time before a security matures. For example, a bond issued 15 years ago that had an original maturity of 20 years, has a current maturity of 5 years. The current maturity, rather than the original maturity, is important in valuing a bond.
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Pursuant to previously announced agreements between the company and the Bank, the current maturity date of March 26, 1993 was extended to Nov.
Crown also recently extended its North American securitization program to March 2013, and Fitch expects its Euro program will also be extended, which has a current maturity of June 2010.
This issue maintains the current maturity schedule in which 38 percent of debt is retired in five years and 67 percent is repaid in 10 years.
Level 3's current maturity schedule is $2 million in 2007, $138 million in 2008 and $362 million in 2009.
Amp's business models and geothermal development projects reached their current maturity at a time when the energy market is experiencing extraordinary demands and focus," said Lyle Ball, VP marketing for Amp Resources.
The current maturity profile seems manageable, even with BRL3.
Level 3's current maturity schedule is $0 in 2006, $1 million in 2007, $599 million in 2008, $362 million in 2009, $2.
With the current maturity in the major biocide markets, leading producers of biocide active ingredients are increasingly focusing on new formulations and specialty applications for profitable growth.
Additionally, Counsel has agreed, conditional upon the closing of the described transactions, to extend the maturity of its loans to ACI from April 30, 2006 to December 31, 2006, and to extend its Keep Well from its current maturity of June 30, 2005 to December 31, 2006.
The Company has also reached an agreement in principal to extend the maturity of its Bank One credit facility approximately twelve months from the current maturity of April 30, 2005.
We expect the interest and preferred stock issues to continue to adversely impact our earnings and financial position until the Company successfully completes a satisfactory refinancing or renegotiation of its credit agreements, which we anticipate to occur on or before the current maturity of the debt.