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Making the emission norms stringent for prospective plants to come up after January 1, 2017, the Particulate Matter would be further lessened to 30 mg per normal cubic metre.
The Ministry of Electricity and EGAS have agreed to increase quantities of gas supplied to power plants to approximately 80m cubic metres per day maximum, compared to the previous 75m.
UAE-based trader Fal Oil has 80,000 cubic metres and Gulf Refining has 370,000.
The Janabiya pumping station consists of an 8,300 cubic metres capacity tanker and a pumping station with five pumps with a capacity of 525 cubic metres per hour, supplying 77 farms.
It could produce four million cubic metres of gas daily, the minister added.
The terminal currently operates 158,000 cubic metres for fuel oil, gas oil and bunker blending.
The deficit of fuel supplied to power plants this week decreased to 6m cubic metres of gas and equivalent as compared to 10m last week.
2 million cubic metres have flowed in the reservoirs.
According to the proposal, production of commercial gas will exceed 4 billion cubic metres per annum by 2008 and reach 8 billion cubic metres per annum by 2010.
Egypt share of water is expected to fall below 582 cubic metres by 2025.
The first month of Spring also resulted in an impressive inflow of 26 million cubic metres of water into the island's dams, the second highest in the last twenty years.
E[acute accent]Notable offshore projects in Azerbaijan include the Azeri-Chirag-Guneshli field estimated to hold reserves in excess of 5 billion barrels of oil, and the Shah Deniz field estimated to contain more than 400 billion cubic metres of gas.