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Vopak Horizon Fujairah Limited, a joint venture between the Netherlands-based Royal Vopak, Dubai's Enoc, the government of Fujairah and Kuwait's Independent Petroleum Group added 600,000 cubic metres of capacity last May as part of is sixth phase expansion.
The South Pars field in the Persian Gulf has around 14 trillion cubic metres of gas, which represents about eight percent of world reserves.
25 million cubic metres (77 million barrels) of storage capacity, and includes crude oil and refined product pipelines, refined product terminals, a petroleum and specialty liquids storage and terminaling business, as well as crude oil storage tank facilities.
It has a water deficit of 200,000 cubic metres per day.
During the same period last year the water reserves were 32 million cubic metres or the equivalent to 11.
Power plants receive 82m cubic metres of gas daily and 29,000 tonnes of fuel oil, the official said, a significant rise on the month before.
The study, titled "Water resources and rationing its use in Egypt", stated that per capita use of water resources decreased from 2,526 cubic metres in 1947 to 1,672 cubic metres in 1970, a decline of 33.
The price of gas to be supplied at the tie in point averages $32 per thousand cubic metres ($1.
The Ninotsminda Field horizontal well N100H2 has been tested for approximately one week and has tested at a rate of up to 370,000 cubic metres (13.
Well KYZ105 was perforated and flowed gas at a rates of up to 50,000 cubic metres (1.
The processing plant consists of a primary feed and screening circuit with a capacity of 40 cubic metres of gravel per hour, followed by a concentration circuit using jigs for gravity separation of the heavy minerals, including diamonds and gold.
The new plant will have annual capacity of around 4 billion cubic metres of which Endesa will take 50%, guaranteeing much of its current fuel needs in Italy.