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However, for crystal oscillators used in electric and hybrid-electric vehicles -- for which demand has recently been rapidly growing -- the need to further reduce the current consumption in order to save battery life is rapidly increasing, in addition to the needs for downsizing, higher strength and higher accuracy.
As the overlord in crystal oscillator industry, the output value of Japan has accounted for 67% of the global total for more than a decade.
Global quartz crystal oscillator market scale, 2004-2010
At a height of just 8mm, the SC-Cut C4530 OCXO series is the shortest oven controlled crystal oscillator on the market.
In the semi-annual report entitled Crystals and Oscillators Survive, the forecast for the crystal and crystal oscillator market is expected to grow to $4.
Industry executives pointed out that MediaTek has recently placed orders with TXC for 30 million crystal oscillators while placing an additional order with Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co.
The high-performance, low-phase jitter crystal oscillators are customizable for frequencies from 16 kHz to 1.
has revised upward its shipments of crystal oscillators for August to 10 million units, up from originally planned 6 million units, mostly thanks to huge added orders from supply chains of iPhone 5s.
5, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- About MEMS Oscillators MEMS oscillators are designed and developed to replace the established quartz crystal oscillators.
Section Five: Temperature Compensated Quartz Crystal Oscillators (TCXOs)
Discera's PureSilicon MEMS oscillators are pin-compatible with popular crystal oscillators and have low operating current specs (3mA typ.
Kernco is committed to the design, development and production of atomic clocks, voltage controlled crystal oscillators and vacuum products for space-qualified, military and commercial applications.