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Most of the artemisinin-based tablets studied possessed the requisite physical attributes of mass uniformity, crushing strength and disintegration in aqueous medium.
To outline the relative effect of the variation in cement content, percent addition and curing time on the cold crushing strength of samples, correlation tables were established.
Similar to the bark specimens, meaningful values for maximum crushing strength could not be determined for the wood specimens tested in the radial direction because of continuous densification as the stress increased beyond the proportional limit.
The nine brands of artesunate tablet showed significant variation in crushing strength and disintegration time (Table 1).
Maximum crushing strength was determined by dividing maximum load by the initial cross-sectional area of the specimen.
Wood has medium bending and crushing strength, low stiffness and is well-suited for steam bending.
The radial crushing strength is also 5-times that of commercially available products, which drastically improves core cutting work and handling.