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1. Members of an exchange who congregate in a certain area on a trading floor to make transactions. Crowds especially trade in certain securities. For example, the active bond crowd may gather in one area of the floor while the cabinet crowd may gather in another.

2. Informal for most investors. People with different investment philosophies alternately advise to either follow or avoid following the crowd.


Members on the floor of an exchange who are clustered around a pit or a specialist's post waiting to execute trades. See also foreign crowd.
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Over threefourths of visitors reported that crowding on the cave tours was "about as expected" and only 10% said that crowdedness was more than what they had anticipated.
A logistic regression model including a set of confounders for adjustment [age, sex, HAZ, WAZ, type of domestic fuel (kerosene or wood), smoking, crowdedness, and hematocrit level] was then applied.
And yet we now are obliged to notice that placelessness, centralization, gigantic scale, crowdedness, and anonymity are conditions virtually made to order for terrorists.
Area & Population: Taken together, these figures allow you to calculate population density (population divided by area), an important indicator of such things as crowdedness.
But again, in keeping with his commitment to "Mass und Mitte," to the avoidance of extremes, Ropke wrote censoriously of the delusions of an unrestrained capitalism, of an obsessive "economism" in which human society was led ineluctably towards a soulless mechanization and standardization, and he pleaded incessantly for the adoption of measures aimed at reducing the crowdedness and hothouse atmosphere of modern life.
Brodkey describes a hidden garden: "They were not an Eden but offered a sense of profusion and of shade with a sense of difference from any other Italian landscape and, then, because of the staggering, interlocking complexities of branches and tree trunks, they had an almost fairy-tale quality of grotesque crowdedness of vegetable incident, of biological life.
We find the city stressful because of all the noise, pollution and crowdedness.
crowdedness and give an overall grade of one (terrible) through five (terrific).
Placed against the fullness of setting and context, the richness of geographical and historical detail, the generous use of informant and testimony--the crowdedness of the canvass--the stark outlines of Bronte's life stand out the more dramatically.
However, longer duration of marriage, ownership of residence, and higher crowdedness are associated with more children ever born.
Pilgrims and visitors will say goodbye to the problem of over crowdedness," he said.
I propose three projects within this approach: trading and information diffusion in OTC markets, the crowdedness in limits-to-arbitrage, and the interaction of political uncertainty and sovereign bond prices.