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Despite growing inflation and credit squeeze, the SBP continued its tight monetary policy, or TMP, with the benchmark discount rate at 14 per cent, leading to higher cost of bank credit.
In the last survey, the impact from the credit squeeze was still contained largely to the financial services sector.
Industry sources say the credit squeeze could be as bad for the car dealing business as it already is for the real estate trade.
The two main points of the plan a" recapitalising of banks and guaranteeing inter-bank lending a" indicated that the credit squeeze, imposed by banks with low liquidity, would be eased.
Firms' confidence also took a tumble as the credit squeeze intensified and evidence emerged that the US economy may already be in recession.
This, combined with the global credit squeeze and rising interest rates, is emptying wallets and driving down the demand for agricultural products from Africa.
A squeeze in which even qualified buyers now face a credit squeeze is just the latest indication that the squeeze is deepening and further depressing the real estate market mad the economy.
result of the credit squeeze which everyone will be aware of and small
will implement a newly unveiled economic stimulus package that includes measures aimed at stabilizing the financial system and easing the credit squeeze.
The RBMS was introduced during the credit squeeze when the government would buy mortgage bonds to revive the market.
Securitisation markets have only recently started reopening after shutting down amid the credit squeeze, when these investments began unravelling as over-stretched borrowers defaulted on their loans.
BIRMINGHAM-based Mechatronic has beaten the credit squeeze to win a vital new pounds 500,000 automotive order.