credit period

Credit period

The length of time for which a firm's customer is granted credit.

Credit Period

The period of time during which a firm grants credit to a customer. At the end of the credit period, the customer is expected to have paid for all goods or services he/she has purchased.

credit period

the average number of days' (or weeks’) CREDIT granted to customers by a company, or the average time it takes for the company to collect its debts. See CREDIT CONTROL, AGE ANALYSIS PROFILE FOR DEBTORS.
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We are also introducing a host of exciting privileges including an introductory extended credit period offer and bonus reward points on online transactions.
The remaining credit period begins with the first taxable year in or after 2014 in which the eligible employer claims the credit using Form 8941, "Credit for Small Employer Health Insurance Premiums," by attaching the form to its income tax return.
Furthermore, the benefits offered include a monthly installment of KWD 599, a 15 year credit period, a 12 month maturity period of the first installment, in addition to offering engineering consultancy services before and during the construction.
As a result of the late and unpaid invoices, there is a 26 day difference in the average Days Sales Outstanding (56 days) and the average credit period extended to B2B customers (30 days) recorded in the Asia-Pacific region.
The Persian Gulf nation already sells crude oil to India on a 90 day credit period.
The Association also warns that they have been burdened with unrecovered VAT of BGN 1 M for the credit period.
However, if an entity's predecessor entity (as determined under employment tax rules) claimed the credit, that predecessor's period will count toward the successor entity's two-year credit period.
The maximum loan amount will be TL 10,000 and the credit period will be four years, with no repayment required for the first year," E[currency]ahin said.
Sinopec pushed for lower prices and a longer credit period, while NIOC insisted on higher prices and a shorter credit period.
NEW DELHI, Feb 2 (KUNA) -- India's top three oil companies - Indian Oil, Bharat Petroleum and Hindustan Petroleum, have stopped the fuel supplies to the country's national carrier "Air India" after the airline failed to pay for oil even after the 90-day credit period had expired.
Sinopec requested a 90 day credit period, while Iran wants the refiner to pay in 60 days.
As an alternative to the currant reinvestment rule, if a QCDE makes a QLICI in a non-real estate business and receives a payment of, or for, capital, equity, or principal from that business during the seven-year credit period, the QCDE may reinvest the money in an unrelated certified CDEl that is recognized as a community development entity for purposes of the NMTC.