credit history

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Credit history

A record of how a person has borrowed and repaid debt.

Credit History

A record of one's payment history on current and previous debt. If one makes payments on time and does not acquire an excessive amount of debt, one's credit history is likely to be good. This makes an individual a good risk if he/she wishes to borrow more money. On the other hand, if one has a history of late payments and/or default, the individual is likely to be a bad risk and may be denied credit. One's FICO score is a measure of one's credit history.

credit history

An individual's history and experience regarding repayment of loans and use of revolving credit such as credit cards.

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The changes being made recognize the unique needs of newcomers and better enable access to credit products, including options that require no Canadian credit history.
85% of respondents said they'd never bothered to review their credit history, 4% said they simply weren't interested, and only 10% confirmed that they'd checked it.
PEOPLE in the Swansea (SA1) postcode area have the poorest average credit history in the UK, a study by price comparison site Confused.
ca Free Credit Score service offers informational guides helping consumers understand what is on their credit report, and what impacts both their credit history and credit score:
But despite all the fears and misconceptions about credit history and its abuse by bankers, Amvrosiou said this was a good thing that would be to the consumer's benefit.
By GRAHAM HISCOTT SEVEN million of us rely on our parents to take out loans and phone contracts on our behalf - putting our long-term credit history at risk.
It's not unusual to be denied a job because of your credit history," says Robert Boyle, a founder and the CEO of Justine Petersen, a St.
The Illinois General Assembly has enacted the Employee Credit Privacy Act to prohibit employers from inquiring about the credit history of an applicant or employee.
Have A Credit History: If you're a first-time buyer who has never borrowed money before you will need to create a credit history.
Millions of people, ever year, find themselves blocked from pursuing their personal financial goals because of a bad credit history resulting in low credit scores.
Deena, a sharp, young sister, who wanted a career in banking, was not offered a position for a job with a bank that she thought she was going to get (The woman with whom she interviewed was clearly impressed with her), because of her credit history.

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