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The Panel holds, in particular, that the DOC's "Final Subsidy Determination," the ITC's "Final Injury Determination," as well as the "Final Countervailing Duty Order" based thereon, are inconsistent with Articles 1, 2 and 15.
The next tool tackled by Rosenthal was the Countervailing Duty petition.
Today's ITC decision marks the first time that a countervailing duty (CVD), or anti-subsidy, order has been imposed on a steel product from China, and the first time that a CVD case on China has resulted in a countervailing duty order since the Commerce Department began to initiate CVD investigations of Chinese imports in October 2006.
Secretary Ross also announced today that the Government of Argentina has requested negotiations to suspend the AD and related countervailing duty investigations of biodiesel imports from Argentina.
3509, May 2002, 67 Federal Register 36022), and issued antidumping and countervailing duty orders on imports of such products from Canada.
Our real interest is in the GATT antidumping and countervailing duty code negotiations-we simply do not want our hard-earned gains undone at the negotiating table in Geneva," said Thomas M.
On June 28, 2007, the Laminated Woven Sacks Committee filed antidumping and countervailing duty petitions with the U.
Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross, and Juan Carlos Baker Pineda, Subsecretario de Comercio Exterior, Secretara de Economa, have signed a finalized amendment to the Countervailing Duty Suspension Agreement on Sugar from Mexico.
imposed and maintained countervailing duties without finding out whether a "benefit" continues to exist in several countervailing duty determinations (including "Stainless Sheet and Strip in Coils from France," and "Stainless Steel Plate in Coils from Italy") (see Paragraphs 8.
One of the key objectives of American retailers in the Doha round is to obtain improvements and clarifications in the rules governing the use of anti-dumping and countervailing duty actions against imported products that will prevent abusive and unfair use of these measures and ensure that they do not undermine the competitiveness of U.