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Ehud Barak, Israel's Prime Minister before Sharon, has recently had an exchange of views in the New York Review of Books with Benny Morris and counterposed to Robert Melley and Hussein Agha (11 June 2002 and issues following).
Carnival is the place for working out," wrote Bakhtin, "a new mode of interrelationship between individuals counterposed to the all powerful socio-hierarchical relationships of noncarnival life" (p.
This particular fine paint of paradox seemed less seriously meant at the time than it now appears in light of the later course of Darn's thought and writing, in which his counterposed convictions regarding his own "Protestant" dissenter heritage and the historical evils of the Papacy evolved into something resembling a fixation.
The result is a continuous narrative rife with the discontinuities of its reception and production, the absolutely authentic voice of his father counterposed to the fabular images of cartoon animals.
In the press conference following the 2000 Montreal meeting of the G-20, G-20 chair Paul Martin counterposed the narrow focus on domestic macroeconomic matters associated with the "Washington Consensus" to the G-20's new "Montreal Consensus," with its emphasis on matters such as global public goods and social safety nets.
Mill's counterposed essays on "Bentham" and "Coleridge" invite such choosing of sides, though this departs from Mill's own practice of sustaining dialectic.
Culture" -- counterposed to work organization -- is a major focus of the behavioral safety crowd.
And although Denver's music is often criticised for over-sentimentality it was also concerned with freedom, expressed in an almost pantheistic love of the countryside, counterposed in so many of his songs with the brutality of the urban lifestyle.
Given the leading role of celebrity and entertainment in the new urbanism of downtown, there's nothing that meaningfully could have been counterposed to the hotel to attract real support on the part of the civic weal.
The state's tolerance of Jews because of their economic usefulness (about eighty-two thousand Jews attended the Leipzig fair between 1675 and 1764) was counterposed by profound suspicion of and prejudice against them.
Hopkins sees simultaneously in the world of nature two things: its teeming life and vitality counterposed to death and decay.
Throughout the novel, the overt violence of Hispanic word, law, and authority are counterposed to the underlying magical and mythic quality of the Quechuas.