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Corporate Bond

Debt securities issued by a for-profit company instead of a government. Corporate bonds are a major way companies raise funds for their operations or for a specific project. The risk of a corporate bond for a bondholder depends on the creditworthiness of the issuing company. As with all bonds, corporate bonds have a maturity, at which time the principal is repaid to bondholders. They also usually have a stated coupon rate. Corporate bonds are taxable.


Of or relating to a bond issued by a corporation as opposed to a bond issued by the U.S. Treasury or a municipality.
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At present, these two companies corporately launching a new Smartphone is still on the way.
The costs of the recovery period will equally be considerable, notably in road carriageway repair, boundary fence reinstatement and tree repair and clearance, and council housing repairs, and will need to be met corporately as a special incident.
Students are also given the right "to free exercise of religious expression without interference, as long as such prayer or other expression is private and voluntary, whether individually or corporately, and in a manner that is not disruptive.
They're corporately owned; we're privately owned so there's more satisfaction in making sure the customer is happy.
These parallels provide support for one of Crowston's key points, which is that women's work can be corporately organized just as men's can, and that women benefit from, and thus defend, su ch corporate organization.
We are making some changes in the industry, both corporately and institutionally.
Rather, as Jennifer Fisk Rondeau states in the Terpstra volume, the confraternities' practice of writing statutes and electing officials permitted them to speak and act corporately in the public sphere; this made them potentially su bversive to constituted authorities.
I have used the club, privately and corporately, over a number of years and it never fails to impress.
It is in you, individually and corporately, and in present and future generations.
Ten newly licensed Thomas Kinkade Galleries and one corporately owned Thomas Kinkade Store were opened by late spring.
The large number of transfers handled by relocation companies each year indicates that the marketing of corporately owned houses is an important niche in the residential brokerage industry.
But in the United States we live in a democracy, and corporately our leaders must and undoubtedly will base their decision on our reaction as, a nation to this awful threat.

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